Sycamores Restoration


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The details of the restoration of the exterior of Sycamores are given in the following twenty-one pages.  Sycamores to the casual observer in 1999 did not look too bad.  But a closer look (6 pages) showed there were many problems to be solved.  Work on the exterior restoration began in January, 2000, after the awarding of a major grant in November, 1999 (3 pages).  In two very busy months we raised $100,000 in matching funds and let contracts for the architect and contractor in close consultation with our historic consultant, so that work could begin in January, 2000. The work continued in early spring with new roof construction (2 pages).  In June the large porch was constructed (2 pages) on the north and west sides while simultaneously windows were restored and Ken Williamson reconstructed a gable window.  Paint on all the window frames was stripped.  And the dormers were carefully stripped, woodwork repaired or replaced, given new copper roofs, and painted.  All the paint was removed from the lower half of the front of Sycamores, it was then sanded and painted.  The work was completed by the July 1 deadline imposed by the grant; a side-by-side comparison shows the remarkable changes that took place.  The final result revealed architectural details hidden for decades under many coats of paint, or a dentilated cornice hidden beneath a modern aluminum gutter.to_the_casual_obser.htmlbut_visible_from_the_street.htmlMHC_required.htmlThe_roof_on_the_ell.htmlPorch_Construction.htmlwindow_restoration.htmlwindow_restoration.htmlwindow_reconstruction.htmlPainting_t.htmlPainting_t.htmlPainting_the_dormers.htmlPainting_the_front.htmlPainting_the_front.htmlBefore_and_after.htmlFinal_results.html
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A Brief History

Montagues at Sycamores

Joseph Brodsky

Brodsky Exhibit

The Sycamores Committee

Outline History of Sycamores and Rawson House
Mount Holyoke Alumnae of 

Sycamores Restoration 

Parlor Wallpaper

Wallpaper and Paint

Concealed Shoes

Rawson House

Water Tower
HABS, Historic American
Buildings Survey

Reflections from the House

Letter from Sycamores, 1832

Bark of the Tree