The Sycamores Committee

Colonel Benjamin Ruggles Woodbridge

Betsy Bergen

Wayne Boulais

Elizabeth Brewer                      

Barbara Cummings

Dr. Harold Harris, Treas,

Thomas Hazen

Joanne Holly

Eleanor Klepacki

Gail LePine                              

Joseph Marois

Katelyn Perchak

Ernestine Stowell

Bernice Strong

Bob Szklarz

Trudy Tynan

Louise Williamson

Josephine Wojnarowski

Kenneth Williamson, Chair

Chaplin, Loomis Village   

Retired electrical engineer, Northeast Utilities

Retired writer, Editor of Newsletter, Bark of the Tree

Master Guide, Historic Deerfield

Retired otolaryngologist

Retired CEO, Hazen Paper Co.

Resident, Sycamores

Chair, South Hadley Canal Committee

Dental Assistant

Owner and CEO, Marois  Construction Co.

Historic preservation resource

Retired chiropractor, MHC ‘43

Retired Admin. Asst., Francis Perkins Program,

Mount Holyoke College

Home renovator, owner Colonial Renovations

Professional writer,  Retired AP reporter

Guide and Hearth Cook, Historic Deerfield

Retired Owner, Chestnut Hill Realty

Retired chemistry prof, Mount Holyoke College

Weekend, May, 2014

A Brief History

Montagues at Sycamores

Joseph Brodsky

Brodsky Exhibit

The Sycamores Committee

Outline History of Sycamores and Rawson House
Mount Holyoke Alumnae of 

Sycamores Restoration 

Parlor Wallpaper

Wallpaper and Paint

Concealed Shoes

Rawson House

Water Tower
HABS, Historic American
Buildings Survey

Reflections from the House

Letter from Sycamores, 1832

Bark of the Tree