Sycamores & Rawson House History in Outline



I.  The Early History of Sycamores

1.  Ruggles Woodbridge

        A  Physician

        B  Lawyer

        C  Representative in Boston

        D  Landowner

        E  Probate Inventory

        F  Bunker Hill


   Daniel Shays

2.  Woodbridge Scientific and Practical School

      Letter from a student, 1832

3.  Ownership by Montague Family, 1848-1900

4.  Sale to Rose Hollingsworth, ca. 1900

5.  Value of property for taxation purposes

6.  Sale to Joseph Skinner

        A  Joseph Skinner, silk mill owner

        B  Land owner

        C  Building owner

        D  Collector

                a  Housing of collection at 40 Woodbridge St

                  b  Purchase and move of church in Prescott

                  c  Establishment of Skinner Museum

7.  Sycamores as a private dormitory, owned by Joseph Skinner                                               

8.  Sale to Mount Holyoke College, 1937

9.  Life in the dormitory

            A  Memoir of Pates Potter, MHC ’29, Reflections   

10.  A Better Chance Program

11.  Residence for Men Visitors

13.  Warehouse

II.  Acquisition by South Hadley Historical Society

1.  Newspaper Article of 1993

2.  Feasibility study by Greg Farmer, et al

3.  Negotiations with Mount Holyoke College, 1998

4.  Purchase Agreement.

III  The Sycamores Committee

1  Original Members

2  Former Members

3  Short Bios

4  Present Members

IV.  Renovation of Exterior of Sycamores

1.  Financing renovation

        Grant of $107,000 from Massachusetts Historical Commission

        Grant from the Frank Stanley Beveridge Foundation and major donors

2.  The renovators




3.  Archaeology around Sycamores

4.  Demolition of Sleeping Porch, Photos

5.  New Roof, Photos

6.  Painting, prep work, , Photos

7.  Rebuilding round window, Photos

8.  Painting, Photos

9.  Before renovation, Photos

10.  After renovation, Photos

V.  Historic American Buildings Survey

1.  History of the Program

2.  Drawings of Sycamores, Photos

3.  Photos of interior, Photos

VI.  Day of Giving

  1. 1. Removal of fence

  2. 2. Removal of green indoor/outdoor carpet from floors

3.  Plastering

4.  Replacement of fluorescent lights, Photos

VII.  Second Saturday

1.  Removal of Green Carpet, Photos

2.  Washing Windows

VIII.  Open Houses at Commencement

1. 2000 to 2006, Photos

IX.  Garden Renovation

1.  Grant Application

2.  Landscape plan, Photos

X.  Acquisition of Rawson House

XI.  History of South Hadley

1.  Build a Meeting House (Woodbridge’s Restaurant, the Yarde)

2. Hire a minister, Grindal Rawson

3.  Build him a house

XII.  The location of Rawson House

XIII.  Dating of Rawson House

1.  Dendrochronology—how it works

2.  The age of the timbers

XIV.  Moving Rawson House back to its former home

1.  Brian Payne, house mover

2.  Stuck in the mud, Photos

3.  On blocks, Photos

XV.  Demolition of parts of Rawson

1.  Removal of radiators, Photos

2.  Removal of clapboards, Photos

XVI.  Exposure of rot

1.   Timber framing

XVI.  Demolition of the Red Ell of Sycamores

1.  Old and new bathrooms, Photos

          A.  Exposure of old wallpaper, Photos

  1. 2. The first floor demolition, Photos

           A.  Discovery of shoes in the wall

XVII.  Paneling of interior of Rawson

1.  Replacement

2.  Coloring the new to match the old

XVIII.  Reproducing two 8 over 12 double hung windows

1.  Step by step procedure, Photos

2.  Glazing with old glass

XIX.  Construction of Connector

1.  Exterior framing, Photos

2.  Interior framing, moving a stairway, Photos

XX.  Replacement of roof

1.  Wood shingles

2.  Copper work

XXI.  Insulation, Photos

XXI.  Dry wall, Photos

XXII.  Painting, exterior and interior, by Katelyn Perchak and                                 KLW

XXIII.  New floors

1.  Pergo in connector, Photos

2.  Wood flooring in connector, Photos

3.  Vinyl in two bathrooms and one hallway, Photos

4.  Vinyl tile in Food Preparation Room, Photos

5.  Sheet vinyl in Apartment Kitchen

XXIV.  Prisoners from Hampshire County House of Correction

1.  Painting of walls and woodwork

2.  Installation of floors, Photos

3.  The program

XXV.  Heating system

1.  Baseboard hot water

2.  Forced hot air in Sycamores and Rawson House first floor

3.  Construction of grids

XXVI.  Renovation of Water Tower

1.  History

2.  Historical photo, Photo

  1. 3. Step-by-step renovation, Photos

Weekend, May, 2014

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